Sunday, 26 July 2020

Body scrubs and some amazing cloud in the sky

Good afternoon guys! Here I go with my new body scrubs I recently bought. I am buying only cruelty- free cosmetics and I believe our Polish products have really been not tested on animals. This first one is still not opened do I  cannot say a word about it, but I think it should be good, because I already have had another things from this brand and I was very glad of it. This scrub contains sugar and nigella seed oil.

I have used up this one from Oriflame. I returned to Oriflame after some time, because they are cruelty free. I like this scrub, but when I was using it I realised it is not enough. I am not a giant person nor very fat, but I had to open the second packaging! This is very small amount into it...

In addition, guys, I have seen this absolutely marvellous cloud one day. I noticed this cloud had a shape of a man, so I went to another room to find the camera, and then, while I was back, it turned into a man or boy who touches  sitting dog. Do you see it? Or maybe  is it my imagination?

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

The lime tree in bloom and summer storms

I have read we experience the most chilly summer since 2011 and I think it can be true as undeniably it is been cold. But not that cold to make you feel bad... For instance, today the temp was around 25 C, or recently we had around 22C so this is only a cold summer. It happens sometimes here in Poland. This year we had been not experiencing heat like 35C, and it seems we will have it not. Personally I adore heat waves from the bottom of my heart but I know people rather don't like it.

The lime trees grow here next to our place, we have a real lime tree wood in the spot hidden from the traffic polution. That is why I decided for the first time in my life to pick the flowers up. While I was harvesting it two ladies stopped there and we were talking a longer time about herbs. One of them told me a lot of useful things.

I boiled it and I was sitting with my feet in this wonderful bath. I was also wondering maybe it could be good for my hair as a shadow. See how beautiful colour ! I mean the water has the shadow that looks properly, at least for my dark blond hair. The next solution is to use it in the kitchen. I was watching it in tv. The monks from Silesia know the recipe where the lime tree tea is one of the ingredients in the marinate for chicken.

So I went to get more and unfortunately it turned out the trees are not blooming any more now. So next year I will for sure.

June and July are rainy months full of storms. I adore summer storms, of course while at home sipping tea. Maybe this is our last summer in Warsaw, guys. I will tell you later.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Chlorella, my new love

Hello everybody! So I discovered chlorella, and firstly you must know I really bought it to check it out and it is not a sponsored post. I use to try all the superfoods and you might say I simply do it because it is a trend but I think I am interested in it more deeply. I mean, when I found anything bad for me I simply throw it out. But not this time! This is really good.

This is even better than I supposed. The only one thing I can warn you is not to make an overdo with the amount. Because I had some small stomach ache while I added too much to the yogurth. In general it is a great thing that is able to detoxicate your liver and in general is very blessed.

I know also chlorella can be in a pill but I haven't tried in this form. I have this powdered chlorella from South Korea and I am glad. So I would recommend it to you guys. I am back soon!

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

June 2020

To be frank this month had been even nice and easy to me. I almost forgot about the pandemy, the weather is still sweet and warm, I had a lot of free time and in general is good.

We always experience thunderstorms and rains in June, this is every year and this year the same. The most interesting is that a few weeks ago all the media, authorities etc were claiming that an extraordinary drought is coming. The drought that massive like never before! Like 150 years ago... And now we have floodings and it pours cats and dogs everyday.

My African  snails are still alive and it costs me a lot of work. I must change them their soil from time to time. I use coconut pressed box, it gives wonderful aroma while you are pouring warm water to it.
They love to eat raddish leaves, cucumber and sepia skeletons. Also dried oat flakes.

My dog is doing fine too. We go for our walks everyday and recently I decided to stand in the stream too. I have cheap and solid sport sandals and I found one place in water with no mud on the bottom. It was lovely! The water was so clear and cold...

This is something similar  to cotton, don't you think. I am not sure what it is but I love it. I got it home because I wanted to try it as a cotton bud to remove the makeup. Unfortunately it turned out it becomes sticky.

And this is my soup from red lentils, champignions, onion, beef cubes and garlic. With nigella and was delicious. This is my own recipe.
I hope you are having good time too.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Tee from vintage shop

This is my T- shirt I bought in vintage shop and then I forgot about it. Recently I discovered it again somewhere in my closet and I am in love with it now. This is very nice cotton and I've been wearing it during very hot summer days. I love the print of the falling stars and the fact that it is made in Poland.

I have paid very small price I don't remember very proof, but surely under 5 zł, that means under 1 Euro / Dollar. I feel very comfortable in yellow, this is my colour and I also love the fashion of this tee.

I hope you like my tee.

Saturday, 6 June 2020

The cakes I baked during the pandemy

I think it has become a trend. Baking during the pandemy, the lack of yeast in many countries, here in Poland too. I use to bake often and for me it wasn't a new thing, although I am aware lots of guys started to bake during their lockdown time because they had the opportunity which normally has not been given to them.

The first cake is called miodownik  that means honey cake. It is a Jewish recipe I found in old Polish calendar. I baked it for the first time and I must admit it was delicious! I added Polish wood honey and also walnuts. I want to bake it again, but now honey is over. Wood honey is very expensive here in Poland.

The second is a lemon cake, from the recipe I found on the sugar packaging few years ago. This is very fat and also delicious cake, I bake it rarely because it has been really fattening. This is also a glaze in the recipe but I skipped it, as I am not a massive lover of a glaze at all.

And here is the third one and it is mini carob bun from my own recipe. I love carob and as a dog owner I do prefer to bake anything from carob than chocolate or cocoa. Dogs cannot eat chocolate but they tolerate carob very good.  If you want me to share some recipe tell me in the comment and I shall publish.

Today we experience the first really warm day this summer. I did some shopping and I washed my hair, also I took my dog for the longer walk. We were in the woods and near the pond. She took a cool dip. Maybe tommorrow I will bake again.