Friday, 8 January 2021

Paradise lost and the new blog

 I have very sad news that it turned out my dog is very seriously ill and she will live with me not for a long time. She has a good care and I hope she will live some time but I count it in months. I don't want to talk more about it as my heart is broken and I cried all my tears over her. I still cry everyday but I think she does not understand it all and is not suffering much. I love my furbaby very much. I dont want her to suffer. It has happened all of a sudden! I used to think she is still not that old and in the good health, but no... I am completely devastated so I decided to close this blog. I was posting a lot about our walks, lots of her pictures etc. This is over now.

I love you and I want to be here so I created a new blog. I am no longer here but I want to focus more on myself, I mean my inner space, fashion and art I like. 

Please, pray for me and for my dog because we really need it.

Friday, 25 December 2020

Christmas 2020


Merry Christmas Everyone!

It was a very rainy day this Christmas Eve and also very warm, at least for us, as we had 8C today. I went for a longer walk with my dog and I was with no hat on my head because of the warm weather. Unluckily it started to pour heavily while we were at the pond so I returned home completely wet. Now I wait for... Ok, maybe not. We will see! ( I am in general from those who catch infections rarely)

Yesterday I had to go shopping at night and it was unplanned. It was a nice time in the shopping mall, but then I was bothered so much! That is why I did not posted yesterday. I was back home around midnight and then I went walk my dog. Plenty of people in the mall, all the shops were opened and it was really nice. 

More images soon! See my carob cookies? Already eaten. I baked cheesecake too and I added real vanilla beans so the aroma is awesome! I love this scent of warm cake and vanilla! Almost eaten ... Tommorow I will bake goose with apples and we have lot of food I will show you later.

This is one of my favourite Christmas carol! I like it even more than Polish carols. I bought also vegan pate very expensive in organic shop ( it was close to midnight) and vegan yoghurts, but I got also French sausage before in a normal store. Well, ok. The last days have been really tiring believe me. 

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Our wintry walk

 Hello guys!This is quite warm on here as you might see, and in the forecast they say we will have a warm Christmas. They predict even over 10C in Poland, maybe not here in Warsaw, but we will see... And then... Winter is coming before The New Year's Eve! ( We expect snow)

We went for a nice walk today . This is all under the preparations for Christmas, so it was lovely to find some free time. We are doing fine in general, but of course it has been tiring us, all of those restrictions etc.

We have a very cosy Christmas this year, only three persons and pets. Cheesecake, carob cookies and borstch, then pierogies and more... I will show you later or maybe Claire - Genevieve will post about it. I hope you are fine. We'll be back before Christmas for the wishes and showing all the food.

Sunday, 6 December 2020

My feline story December 2020


Well, excuse me guys... In general I want to say hello, but I am napping as you might see, right?
The cinammon rolls are eaten, as you might see... The be frank, I am more grumpy than I was some time ago. I am getting older and more grumpy. 
Mom baked the rolls yesterday and she will show you later. This is very windy day here in Warsaw today. We had 10C yesterday and now is getting colder again. Mom has  new sewing machine. I predict she will sew all winter long 😟😟😟

I want to share it, because I am pretty sure there is my ancestor. 
Would you like to watch it to the end? This is very short indeed. In the end you will see my ancestor. I am very similar, don't you think? Do you like it? As far as I am concerned it is so fancy! So beautiful! This is from 1906! So long time ago... Mom told me surely I am from France!

Christmas just around the corner! I usually sleep during every holidays. I was told by Mom maybe we will experience snow this year... So maybe I will watch. I cannot promise. Best regards, your Claire - Genevieve from Warsaw. See you next time!

Sunday, 29 November 2020

The things I've been loving November 2020


Hi guys! Today I want to share my sweet little things I currently love. I am doing fine but of course I feel tired of all this ... you know what ( C 😷😷😷).  The pets have become  nasty and grumpy, as you might see above. (Claire- Genevieve is planning to publish her own story in a short time). So let's talk my things. Firstly, I bought an eco baking moulds in Rossmann. Unfortunately, it has happened some time ago and I realised for now that I did throw out the packaging. That means I cannot tell you the brand. Anyhow, it is available in Rossmann and I paid around 6 zł for the  set of a few moulds. I don't remember proof , but I think they sell three moulds in a set. I am not sure. It looks like paper but it is not. This is made from coconut. You can use it only one time. 

I baked this yeasty buns/ brioches with sugary top, it was delicious! I must start publish my food posts again. I wanted smaller bun than in the recipe and I baked mini version of it. I do it often with recipes. 

And the next thing that brings me joy is my hand cream from Ziaja. I am not a huge fan of Ziaja, I mean I am buying  from time to time. I bought this cream in the grocery store in the neighbourhood, because it was the only one hand cream available in the shop. So I had no choice. Then it turned out that this scent is turning me back  to the years I had my old dog Misiek and it was a very nice and unexpected feeling.  Kozie Mleko is Goat's Milk, you know it.

Look how beautiful roses I had! Well, I still have them... They're standing very long, longer than a week. The scent is also awesome. Even Claire -Genevieve showed some respect to this beauty and she did not eat it nor destroy ( certainly too high for her ). I have been watching the Eurovision Contest for kids tonight and maybe I will post about it in a few day.

For the end you see my small jar of honey. This is Polish wooden honey from Masuria, I paid around 15 zł for it in Carrefour. My favourite honey is wooden and also heather honey. I use to buy buckwheat honey too, so rather those darker ones. 15 zł is around 3 Euro for 250 g. 

Do you see this hair?(😑😑😑) This is my dog's hair... < no, no we don't see any hair in your honey >

( It was your part to tell, guys)

See you soon!

This is selfie and she sees herself 💗💗💗

Thursday, 19 November 2020

My old postcards: Vintage Italia

Hello guys! Nice to be with you again. Today I am showing you my really old postcards from Italy. This is all from my parents collection and I think it must be from the 60th, so very old and unique. Certainly you know the view above, very famous picture from Venice.

This is the Basilic in Assisi, the town well known from St. Francis, the man who loved animals.

And the last one is from Capri, this is also very famous view, dont you.

Today is rather warm and I was walking with my dog in the park here. She found a big pork bone and she ate it all. Then I had to go shopping and I decided I will go by foot ( a few kilometres). So I am tired a little bit. I must walk in this stupid mask of course.

Tommorrow I will bake pizza or maybe some kind of semolina cake with peaches.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Sophisticated nr 1 Autumn of 2020


This time I want to post anything more serious than I usually do. I love to share the news about my dog , my hand cream and soup I made but sometimes I feel I need to show you more of my inner space. We aren't under full lockdown here in Poland now, but from the other side, the restrictions we have been already having are comparable to a lockdown. The schools are closed, small number of clients in the shops,  you must wear a mask on the streets, etc, etc, you know it too. So I am staying at home... because I  like very much to spend my time at home ha ha. Yes, I really like it. I work at home so my life does not change drastically. I am going to one small grocery store a few times a week. I walk my dog to the park or the wood, and we are allowed to get off the face mask there. So I do! And nothing more. I have plenty of goodies at home. That means I am celebrating the autumnal days. I am spending sweet lazy days with my dog and I listen to the music. I found this image of Jesus Christ on Pinterest. I am from those  who believe our animals are in Heaven too. I have heard Francis said we will meet them in Heaven. From the other side some miseducated ( this is my opinion) priests say that animal cannot go to Hevaen, because they haven't immortal souls. So what? But they do have good hearts, right? Sometimes animals are better than humans, they still are able to be friends. And if God is Almighty where is a problem with animal's soul? God can transport the dog even without the soul because God can do everything. From the other side, we cannot say for sure that animals have no soul. They are alive so they must have some kind of soul. I do believe my old dog lives in Heaven now, along with my old black cat. My bunny is also there and is able to speak with human's voice. Ok, this is enough. I am not completely mad, only I am spending a lot of time on thinking and this is the result. 
I found old CD with Dvorak masterpieces in cross booking place some time ago and I listen to it. I will post more about it later. I am watchnig Vuelta a Espana too.

The central heating is on and Genevieve sleeps close to the radiator. She's really in awe everytime she can nap there. This year is getting colder quite early and November is the darkest month in the year. The days are very short. I must admit that I like it. Long autumnal evenings and the lazy hours of thinking and listetnig to the music. Every day while the sun is going down hundreds of big, black birds are in the air. They make  big noise. Poland is a warm place for them. I am not sure but they must be from Scandinavia or northern Russia. They spend the winter here and in March are flying back the north.