Sunday, 30 December 2018

Christmas 2018

I hope you all have had a lovely, cosy and merry Christmas this year. I usually spend my Christmases in a very proof family circle, I mean only a few persons at the table ( including my dog and the kitty Claire- Genevieve). ( As some of you might remember from the last year, she was sleeping all the time... and the same this year). My dog received a lot of presents, but her favourite are the rope toy, as well this huge stick from turkey's meet.

We have small, artficial Christmas tree at home. It must stand on the table, because while it was standing on the coffee table ( and my dog and the kitty were in the age of one year only...) well, I had found the tree in the bathroom one morning, laying next to my kitty litter box . ( ???) And now please find Claire - Genevieve on this picture!

We started with barszcz, Borstch - it is a betroot soup, and our bortsch is done by my mother. As she is originally from Cracow and my grandparents also were from Cracow, this is sour and vegan bortsch with dried mushrooms flavour added. Here in Warsaw more popular is Ukrainian borstch with pork.

Those dumplings we call uszka, it must be filled with dried mushrooms stuff. Below you see our baked carp. Here in Poland a carp for Christmas is a must. I know a few ways to prepare Christmas carp. It can be baked in beer or fried but this year is simply baked with the hazelnuts on top.

I have this plate from The Holy Land from my neighbour, who gave me it some time ago. She bought this plate in the 70's in Israel. I adore white Toblerone chocolate I must admit.

Here you see baked dumplings pierogi , it is a dish with more Eastern roots, I mean from Ukraine and Belarus. The dumplings are yeasty and filled with cooked cabbage and dried mushrooms. Also great with borstch!

This is pork with dried plums, which is my dog's favourite dish. For the New Year dinner I will bake duck and peach tart. I think she will love the duck too. If it comes to the kitty Claire- Genevieve is very hard to predict her taste... She is very greedy.

And the delicious hazelnuts cookies, very buttery. I baked it with clarified butter and bio flour. I have  used bio flour for the dumplings too.

I think Claire - Genevieve wants to post her own post about Christmas season soon. We wish you happy New Year 2019! And silent New Year's Eve... Here is hitherto silent because rain is falling. Only rain could save us. In general is warm, I mean around 7C and I feel like in the end of March.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The two images Christmas 2018/ Два картинки Рождество 2018/ Le due immagini Natale 2018


ENG: This is Claire- Genevieve the kitty speaking! For today I am going to share with you the next post from my project " The two images". Thus, I am already in Christmas mood so the images are very Christmassy. I want to send you my the bestest Christmas wishes, ladies and gentelmen all around the planet! Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone! We will be back here with another Christmas post in between Christmas and New Year...
РУС :Здесь кошка Клэр - Женевьева из Польшы! Я сегодня хочу поделиться с Вами этими картинками, они очень праздничные. С Рождеством друзя! Я желаю Всем счастья и благополучия! Так вот, я уже в очень Christmassy настроении. Знаете, дождь и погода для Пасхы такая... Мы с мамочкой еще вернемся между праздниками и  Новым Годом, с одну историей! Пока!

IT: Buon Natale a tutti! Buone Feste di Varsovia! Sono la gatta Claire - Genevieve, cari amici! Voglio mostrarti il mio progetto " Le due immagini"... Questo e il Natale! I miei auguri! Saro di ritorno da blog prima del Nuovo Anno... Con una storia molto interessante! A presto...


Sunday, 2 December 2018

My feline story November 2018

 Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! This is the kitty Claire- Genevieve! I am speaking to you from Warsaw! Here is already winter, so I want to spend most time in the bathroom or in Mom's bed, close to the central heating. We rarely experience freeze in November here in Poland! This  year it seems we have severe winter... In particular those nights are so cold and it reminds me rather January, not November. I have new kibble for cats, as you see at the picture:

I am in awe! This is so yummy... But I have big problem with the doggo, who is in the habit of stealing me it from my bowl in the kitchen. At night she is cleaning it! Well... Let's talk about music! My dearest readers, I discovered a wonderful channel at YT. This is from Turkey and I watch it along with Mom very often. I would recommend it to you too...

As you might see I adore to take a nap during cold, and long wintry evening. I am so sorry I post only in English this time. I promise next time I will post in Russian and in Italian too...

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Baked apples/ Mele al forno / Жаренные яблоки

ENG:  For today I want to share the recipe for baked apples! I adore this autumnal dish, and I think it is especially good in a cold, rainy day in November. Right? Nowadays we experience very short days, is rainy and cold. How can we survive with no baked apples? In addition, the dish is very cheap and not fattening. You need : bigger apples, clarified butter ( at least I always add clarified, but you can add simply butter), raisins bio, dried plums bio. That's all. In many recipes I see also honey, sugar, cinnamon, but I skipped it and it turned out that it was a good step. Butter is making the apple very tasty, you need to put butter first to the hole that you need to make in the middle. Butter will remove all the sour taste, so it is very good if you have green, sour apples, as I had. On the photos you might see my bio apples which I have picked up from the wild apple tree in the neighbourhood.
This is gorgeous to bake it during long, cosy evening in autumn...
IT: Ciao a tutti! Veramente, ho cercato di scrivere in italiano! Mi dispiace molto per i tutti sbagli, io studiando soltanto. In Polonia le serate autumnale sono lunghi e fredde. Ecco, e difficile vivere senza i mele al forno! E stupendo e economico! Sono necessarie:le grande mele, il burro, le uvette, le prugne. Il burro deve essere  di sotto, in centro di melo. Piu in alto le uvette, e le prugne togliati. Il burro sta portando il aciolo sapore. Io ho le mele di la melo selvaggia dal il parco publico.

РУС: Сегодня я хотела сказать Вам о жаренных яблоках, которые замечательное на свежие, осенние вечера. Как нам надо жить без жаренных яблок в дождевые и длинное вечера... Это не дорогое и не откармливает. Хватят боьлшие яблаки, изюминки, масло и черносливины. Вы делаете дыру в яблоке, и нижний вынужденное быть масло, чтобы хорошо разошлось, на этом нарезанное сливы и изюминки. Я даю процеживанное масло но это как кто хочет. Масло удаляет кислый вкус из яблока, и особенно хорошее, если у Вас зеленые яблоки, назрелое. Я такое имела, сорванное из дикой яблони, которая растет здесь в парке.