Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The things I've been loving October - November 2018

In these days my heart had been stolen by this peach confiture with no suger added. The ingredients list: peaches. It is made by Polish brand Krokus. I know they sell also plum confiture without sugar, tomato passata and more. I was told that their products are in Rossmann too, although I have got it from a grocery store in the neighbourhood. The price is about 15 (almost 4 Euro I think), and it is maybe pricey, but I am buying confitures rather rarely. From time to time I can buy a more expensive, don't you.

This is my favourite hair conditioner which I have been using nowadays. Yves Rocher product with jojoba oil. The conditioner is for damaged and dry hair, nad I have not damaged or dry although the conditioner works good for my hair too. I have known this product, because I buy it not for the first time. Usually if I decide to order from YR I go for it, as well their oat hair conditioner . This one with jojoba oil has a specific flavour, but I think it is not a problem.

The next product I've been loving recently is this Bourjois foundation " Air Matt", I bought it for the first time in Rossmann. I would recommend it, is very, very good! I am very glad of it. I like Bourjois in general I must say. I have never been dissapointed by their cosmetics.

Here is my autumn mug, which I got from my cupboard in October. I bought this mug in Home & You with lowered price some time ago. It costed 10 zł ( about 2 Euro). Pretty big! I am in the habit of using this mug only in autumn. I will hide it to the cupboard soon, because I want to get my Christmas time mug.

If it comes to talk about tv, I have been watching in October... cycling! Every year October is a month filled with races and then the season is over. So I watched: a race in Belgium ( one day), Paris - Tours ( one day), Turkish race, although not all, unfortunatelly I was able to see only three stages and also  not at all. Then, races in Italy, Milano - Torino and Giro di Lombardia. My favourite was Paris -Tours, I think because I was in Tours ( I was also in Paris). Tours is a beautiful town by the river La Loire. I adore that special atmosphere of this place. I think I feel much better in France than in Poland now. It was a graet pleasure to see it via tv... I have to remove the layer of dust from my old DVD player. Winter is the time for watching movies.


I adore this book about China! It is not about China as a country, but rather about wild nature and old architecture there. I bought it in a small bookstore with very lowered price a few years ago. The images are really beautiful and I stare in amazement everytime I open the book. ( Along with my beloved dog).