Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Baked apples/ Mele al forno / Жаренные яблоки

ENG:  For today I want to share the recipe for baked apples! I adore this autumnal dish, and I think it is especially good in a cold, rainy day in November. Right? Nowadays we experience very short days, is rainy and cold. How can we survive with no baked apples? In addition, the dish is very cheap and not fattening. You need : bigger apples, clarified butter ( at least I always add clarified, but you can add simply butter), raisins bio, dried plums bio. That's all. In many recipes I see also honey, sugar, cinnamon, but I skipped it and it turned out that it was a good step. Butter is making the apple very tasty, you need to put butter first to the hole that you need to make in the middle. Butter will remove all the sour taste, so it is very good if you have green, sour apples, as I had. On the photos you might see my bio apples which I have picked up from the wild apple tree in the neighbourhood.
This is gorgeous to bake it during long, cosy evening in autumn...
IT: Ciao a tutti! Veramente, ho cercato di scrivere in italiano! Mi dispiace molto per i tutti sbagli, io studiando soltanto. In Polonia le serate autumnale sono lunghi e fredde. Ecco, e difficile vivere senza i mele al forno! E stupendo e economico! Sono necessarie:le grande mele, il burro, le uvette, le prugne. Il burro deve essere  di sotto, in centro di melo. Piu in alto le uvette, e le prugne togliati. Il burro sta portando il aciolo sapore. Io ho le mele di la melo selvaggia dal il parco publico.

РУС: Сегодня я хотела сказать Вам о жаренных яблоках, которые замечательное на свежие, осенние вечера. Как нам надо жить без жаренных яблок в дождевые и длинное вечера... Это не дорогое и не откармливает. Хватят боьлшие яблаки, изюминки, масло и черносливины. Вы делаете дыру в яблоке, и нижний вынужденное быть масло, чтобы хорошо разошлось, на этом нарезанное сливы и изюминки. Я даю процеживанное масло но это как кто хочет. Масло удаляет кислый вкус из яблока, и особенно хорошее, если у Вас зеленые яблоки, назрелое. Я такое имела, сорванное из дикой яблони, которая растет здесь в парке.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The things I've been loving October - November 2018

In these days my heart had been stolen by this peach confiture with no suger added. The ingredients list: peaches. It is made by Polish brand Krokus. I know they sell also plum confiture without sugar, tomato passata and more. I was told that their products are in Rossmann too, although I have got it from a grocery store in the neighbourhood. The price is about 15 (almost 4 Euro I think), and it is maybe pricey, but I am buying confitures rather rarely. From time to time I can buy a more expensive, don't you.

This is my favourite hair conditioner which I have been using nowadays. Yves Rocher product with jojoba oil. The conditioner is for damaged and dry hair, nad I have not damaged or dry although the conditioner works good for my hair too. I have known this product, because I buy it not for the first time. Usually if I decide to order from YR I go for it, as well their oat hair conditioner . This one with jojoba oil has a specific flavour, but I think it is not a problem.

The next product I've been loving recently is this Bourjois foundation " Air Matt", I bought it for the first time in Rossmann. I would recommend it, is very, very good! I am very glad of it. I like Bourjois in general I must say. I have never been dissapointed by their cosmetics.

Here is my autumn mug, which I got from my cupboard in October. I bought this mug in Home & You with lowered price some time ago. It costed 10 zł ( about 2 Euro). Pretty big! I am in the habit of using this mug only in autumn. I will hide it to the cupboard soon, because I want to get my Christmas time mug.

If it comes to talk about tv, I have been watching in October... cycling! Every year October is a month filled with races and then the season is over. So I watched: a race in Belgium ( one day), Paris - Tours ( one day), Turkish race, although not all, unfortunatelly I was able to see only three stages and also  not at all. Then, races in Italy, Milano - Torino and Giro di Lombardia. My favourite was Paris -Tours, I think because I was in Tours ( I was also in Paris). Tours is a beautiful town by the river La Loire. I adore that special atmosphere of this place. I think I feel much better in France than in Poland now. It was a graet pleasure to see it via tv... I have to remove the layer of dust from my old DVD player. Winter is the time for watching movies.


I adore this book about China! It is not about China as a country, but rather about wild nature and old architecture there. I bought it in a small bookstore with very lowered price a few years ago. The images are really beautiful and I stare in amazement everytime I open the book. ( Along with my beloved dog).