Sunday, 13 September 2020

The things I have been loving this time

 Hello guys, I am back on here! I feel sorry I wasn't keeping you up to date. It is been awhile since the day I posted here for the last time, don't you. I had been seriously busy but for now I have a little bit more free time so I am back.

September is obviously the month of an apple cake. As you might know from my recent posts I have a few abandoned apple trees in the neighbourhood, which grow completely wild in the park, in the place free from the traffic polution. I have been there already and my bag was full of apples, believe me guys. This is the cake I baked then. ( I have baked similar cake also earlier if you remember, but this is the next one).

I will bake another cake soon and today I added a few apples to the goose's legs  - great combo ever.

This is the chocolate I received as a present and I was trying it for the first time. I mean, for the first time  from this particular brand, but I know the taste of bitter chocolate with chilli. I love it! Wedel is very famous Polish brand and they make chocolates, pralines, drinking cocoa, bars and more. I have lived for a long time in the neighbourhood of their factory. The factory is an old building here in Warsaw and the divine aroma of hot chocolate is in the air while you are walking down the street there. This is unforgettable, believe me.

This is me in my dress I bought in Bon Prix. ( I don't have  any agreement, I really bought it). It was rather cool summer  this year, with rainy July and only in August we had proper summer weather. The weather in September is still good for summer clothes, but it seems like October will be cold. We sometimes experience really warm Octobers here in Poland, last year we had even 27 C one day, but they say in the forecast this year we will have around 10 C!

My dog stole the toy I brought home for her and then forgot to give it.

I hope you  have enjoyed it. I am coming to read your posts soon.


  1. Красива сукня. Тобі личить. Я теж багато речей купую в Bonprix).

    1. Спасибо! Я эще покупала много но не сфотогафировала :-)

  2. Olá, Claire! Bom tê-la de volta por aqui! Já não sabia de si há algum tempo, até pensei que tivesse mudado de casa entretanto, pois pareceu-me ter lido, que era algo que pretendia fazer em breve.
    O bolo ficou com ótimo aspeto! Adoro bolo de maça!
    E o vestido, fica-lhe muito bem! Este ano, a cor azul, parece que será a grande tendência!...
    Deixo um beijinho, estimando que tudo esteja bem aí desse lado!
    Continuação de uma boa semana!

    1. Hi, Ana! Good to hear from you. Yes, I remember I told you I want to move to new place, but then my mother decided she will never move with me. She changed her mind, as she wanted before. She is an old lady and I cannot live in another city and let her live alone here. So for now I stay in my old apartment and next year I will look for a new one, but here in the neighbourhood. I like this dress very much, I am glad you like it. This is my favourite colour! Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon and happy new week :-)

  3. cake so appealing........
    Hope, everything goes well with you....
    have a wonderful day

    1. Thank you! That's so nice you are asking. Everything goes well, only I am too ambitious and I decided to do the renovation of my apartment on my own. I have never do it before and the effect is I am completely exhausted. Have a lovely day too :-)